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The Sibillini Mountains National Park

The Sibillini Mountains National Park

It was established in 1993 with the aim to protect the natural environment, promote a green socio-economic development and make the area fully accessible by everybody.

This area is rich in archeological witnesses, studded with abbeys and Middle ages villages. Here live protected species as the wolf, the golden eagle, the peregrine falcon, the chamois and the deer.

In the nearby are located well-known towns like Norcia, Cascia, Foligno, Spoleto, Assisi, Todi e Perugia.

Not far away is Castelluccio of Norcia, with the gorgeous and enormous flatland which is 1.500 meters high, where the fascinating Vettore mountain dominates and where one of the most renowned European hang glider and free flying school is located.

It’s the green heart of Italy, that lies among mountains, lakes, rivers, olive groves and picturesque villages, signed by a 2 centuries’ civilization.

These two regions, Umbria and Marche, combine a valuable sport-offer in an untouched natural environment with special events that take place in unforgettable locations.

They are rich in artistic exemplars dating back to the Romanic and Gothic eras. Numerous events are organized, expecially in the summer, such as exhibitions, theater and music performances, like the famous Festival dei Due Mondi and Umbria Jazz.

Grande Anello dei Sibillini

The Grande Anello dei Sibillini (GAS) is a trekking itinerary, 120 km long. It is fully signed by the official National Park authority, to help hikers walk along its ring shape path, which can be completed in nine days and crosses the entire Sibillini Moountains range.

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